Pre-Employment Assessments Canada

What Do Managers Want in an Employee?

What is the single most important characteristic managers want in an employee? intelligence, forthrightness, courage, emotional intelligence, creativity, ambition? No. The answer is integrity. Managers want to be told the truth. They want honest people who have a moral compass. In today’s world of spin, the concept of integrity seems largely absent, but it will always come back to bite those managers who ignore it or dismiss it. Newspapers, magazines, and television news stories are crowded with the stories of the people who lied, stole, and cheated their way to fame or success, and stories about those, who later became disgraced due to sexual misconduct. Because of these increases in workplace theft, fraud, drug and alcohol problems, antisocial behavior and sexual misconduct many managers are using integrity assessments to help handle the problem. Integrity assessments are measuring aspects of human personality that appear to be stable over time. Research suggests that integrity is related to morality, a stable trait.

The Step One Survey II (SOSII) is a structured integrity assessment that gathers essential information about a job candidate’s history of risky and improper workplace behavior, as well as measuring their attitudes regarding integrity, reliability, work ethic, and drug use. The SOSII generates interview questions that address these and other common challenges that are increasingly eroding companies’ productivity and profitability.

  • Unauthorized use of the Internet
  • Using company email for personal use
  • Disclosing private and restricted computer data
  • Theft of office supplies and other company property
  • Clocking in or out for other employees
  • Revealing confidential information and/or trade secrets to outsiders
  • Inventory shrinkage
  • Carelessness
  • Unexcused absences
  • Tardiness
  • Drug use
  • Below average job performance
  • Fraud
  • Job-hopping

This cost-effective screening assessment is suitable for any position that requires good organizational citizenship.